Experienced Lawyers

Experienced Lawyers

Adam & Dean Lawyers is an innovative law firm providing top tier legal services. Our clients are our priority and we have their best interests at heart. Our team of experienced lawyers have developed a strong reputation for providing our clients with vigorous legal representation. We cut through the legal complexities to provide our clients with clear and effective legal advice in a timely and cost effective manner. Regardless of whether your matter is a complex litigation or simply the purchase of a house, our team of experienced lawyers will assist you through your journey to success. Our experienced lawyers can help you today.



Omar Said


Omar is a Partner and one of the founding members of Adam & Dean Lawyers. One of our experienced lawyers, Omar provides his clients with a simple and effective solution to all their complex legal matters. Omar has accumulated a broad range of legal knowledge and experience across many areas of law that include:

  • Corporate & commercial transactions;
  • Property law;
  • Insolvency & bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Banking & finance;
  • Commercial litigation disputes;
  • Dispute Resolution;
  • Family law;
  • Foreign investment

Over the years, Omar has acted for a vast range of clients including many major corporations and has acted on corporate and commercial transactions in excess of $850 million. Omar’s dedication and reputation in the community ensures that he provides each client with the best possible outcome.

Contact Omar:

[email protected]

(02) 9236 7329

Mohamed Said


Mohamed has developed a wealth of legal experience working for a number of Government legal institutes. Mohamed commenced his legal career working at the NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office. At the NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office, Mohamed worked in both the Employment and Industrial Relations team as well as the Community Law team. During his time there, Mohamed has worked on matters representing:

  • NSW Commissioner of Police;
  • NSW Fair Trading Commissioner;
  • NSW Commissioner of Corrective Services;
  • NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian;
  • NSW Department of Education

Mohamed also worked as a Solicitor at the NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (“the ODPP”) practicing solely in criminal law. At the ODPP, Mohamed worked as both a trial solicitor instructing in a number of complex criminal trials, as well as a committal solicitor having carriage of complex criminal matters in the Local Court. Whilst at the ODPP, Mohamed effectively prosecuted a variety of matters which include drive causing death, drugs, firearm, sexual assault, child sexual assault, wounding and robberies. Mohamed has appeared in Local and District Court sentences, bail application as well as District Court appeals.

Mohamed prides himself on the exceptional service that he provides to his clients. His experience as a prosecuting solicitor provides a valuable insight to the prosecution process and a unique approach to matters. Mohamed develops strong rapport with his clients and provides honest and accurate advice to all his clients.

Contact Mohamed:

[email protected]yers.com.au

(02) 9236 7329